Little experiment which could greatly benefit everyone involved – Why don’t we tell each other our goals?  I’m not just talking about New Year Resolutions; what are our goals for the month?  The year?  The next 5 years?  Our life, in general?

The more people we tell about our goals, it makes sense that we create more resources/possibilities with which to achieve our goals (this could be labeled “networking”, but this little thing I’m going to start is much more proactive, I feel).

So let’s help each other out; even if we can’t help each other make progress on or achieve a specific goal, won’t we have a more enriched friendship from knowing our deepest goals and desires?

So I’ll start this thing – I’ll list my  top 5 goals, and the background or specs about the goal.  This could be your reasons for wanting this goal, and how this desire was born in the first place.  The reason for doing so is because I’ve found that it’s much more inspiring to know where a person is coming from and the reasons why they want something, as opposed to them simply stating their goal out of the blue.  Then your turn.

Goal 1) To have an awesome writing job(s) by March 22nd, where I work part-time and make $3,000+ per month

Background: I love to write.  I love money.  I love having a flexible schedule where I only work part-time, so that I can dedicate my time to other hobbies in life, and thus enrich more facets of my life.  For example: traveling, learning languages, modeling, graphic design, watching & reviewing film, playing video games, spending quality time with friends & family, reading, doing sporadic things.  I would love to write about those topics.  I know this is a possible goal, because I’ve talked with successful writers with the same situation (even better in some cases).

Goal 2) To have a monthly income of $10,000 by February 2013

Background: All my life, I’ve been poor.  The word “poor” is different for everyone, and I know tons of people can say they have been way more poor than me, but for me, I’ve always felt limited in life because of my limited finances.  My immigrant parents worked hard to ensure we had enough food and went to good schools, but money was always tight and I could see it on their faces and feel it in their energy constantly.  So I’m just sick of being limited by money. I want to be making $10,000 per month so I can buy my parents a house and ensure they don’t have to work another day in their lives unless they want to; I want to be able to buy things I want and do things I want anytime without having to check my bank account; I want to help others achieve financial abundance by donating to and setting up charities with which I align – LGBT/equal rights, children in developing countries, green energy, teaching languages & foreign culture in school, organic food, and much more.

Goal 3) To have a slim, toned body with a six-pack and V-cut stomach

Background: I was a butterball when I was a kid – I had moobs.  But one day I made a goal of being slim, and I’ve been committed to that goal ever since.  It’s been a road full of trial & error, frustration, and achievement, and I’ve come so far.  Each time I reach a physical goal, I create another, higher one.  Now my goal is to have a slim, toned body, because I find that sexy and graceful.  Plus, as a part-time model, I want to use my whole body to express and invoke a whole range of emotions in my photography.  Plus, I want to feel sexy.

Goal 4) To visit family in Ireland this summer with sister and mom.

Background: My dad’s family is in Japan, my mom’s in Ireland.  I want to have an enriched, deep connection to my Japanese & Irish relatives.  My family and I didn’t go last year because we didn’t have enough money, but I don’t want that to ever be a limiting factor again.  I want to visit my relatives in Japan and Ireland every year, at least once.  And I would like my younger sister, mother, and brother and his wife to join me, as I feel this will only enrich and strengthen our family bonds.

Plus, with so many of my Irish relatives popping out children, I feel a big sense of urgency to get to know and bond with these new family members.

Goal 5) To be living with Dustin in a place we both love by February 2013

Background: I want to live with Dustin because we make each other very happy and we love each other.  We want to see each other everyday, so we can make each other smile, laugh, support each other, and finally have a place of our own.

Now your turn!  What are your top 5 goals?  I want to know.  We, your friends, want to know.  Heck, even people you don’t know want to know your goals!  Let’s help each other.