Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Search for jobs on craigslist
  2. Search for websites & blogs centered on interests (video games, film, languages, fitness, technical writing, food, travel, etc) via  Ask website owners if you can write for them
  3. Finish reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  4. Write every day, whether it be on this blog or

I’ve been focusing more on adding to my writing portfolio, than I have been about searching for jobs on craigslist.  No reason why I can’t do both though, so I will check craigslist for part-time technical writing or customer support type jobs, as well as modeling jobs.  Right now, I’d really like a part-time customer support or virtual assistant job that will at least pay my monthly expenses.  That would reduce a lot of stress.

I have only reached out to a few webmasters, since I’ve been focusing more on writing/editing articles for GamersRoute.  So far, I’ve been writing/adding one piece every other day.  Reason being, I was at my boyfriend’s this past week doing tons of yard work.  But I don’t want to use any excuses; I want to diversify my portfolio every day, or at least 5 days per week.

Finally, I finished reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People!  Woohoo!  The chapters about Habits 2 & 3 were a little too technical, and I almost gave up reading it, but I chose to read all of it so I could glean as much useful information as I could.  I definitely recommend it.

This Sunday, April 29th, I will be modeling for a collaborative shoot for AMDEF – an independent collaboration between the communities of Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment and Fashion.  I’m really excited, because I’ll be able to promote myself as a great representative for the hybrid (half Asian, half white) community.  I’m committed to inspiring and empowering people from my modeling, through creative, original media formats (photography, television, film, etc).  For more details, check out the Facebook event details here: Collaborative Promotional Photoshoot for AMDEF Artists

Next week:

  1. Check craigslist everyday for writing & modeling jobs
  2. Find and reach out to other websites centered on interests, and promote myself
  3. Diversify my writing portfolio every day