After a professional writer recommended I use the site,, I found one section to be particularly helpful – the Weekly Writing Prompts section.

So in an effort to maintain and strengthen my writing muscle, I will start creating content based off of these writing prompts.  I’m looking forward to seeing my imagination and writing style diversify and expand to colorful, gargantuan proportions!

When Your Favorite Characters Don’t Get Along

Your parents have thrown you a surprise birthday dinner and have invited your two favorite fictional characters (can be literary, television, movie, etc.). There’s only one problem: Turns out, the characters don’t get along and, after some mild bickering, they get into a big fight following one particular insult. Write this scene.


Edward Cullen (Twilight series)

Jacob Black (Twilight series)

I looked out amongst my party guests – people were putting Buggles on their fingers and pretending to be witches, random chatter & laughter amongst small groups of people, and the high afternoon sun, completing this sunny picture.

“Thanks for throwing this little shindig”, said Jacob Black, as he stood before me shirtless and radiating heat.

“Thanks for coming”, I responded.  I had gotten semi-used to seeing Jacob wearing just his shorts, as I knew he had to turn into a huge wolf at random times.  So inconvenient, I thought.

“Yeah, too bad you have that human lighthouse blinding everyone”, Jacob muttered as he turned to look at Edward Cullen.  Since the sun was out, it was to be expected that Edward’s vampire skin would be sparkling like a thousand diamonds.  Pretty, the first time you see it, but distracting and blinding during the spring and summer.

Having the ability to read people’s minds, Edward went over and picked up his jacket from a chair and put it on with a stylish flair.  If werewolves were warm and chummy, vampires were cold and detached.  I knew the two species, races, tribes (whatever) didn’t mesh well, but I didn’t want to exclude anyone from my party as well.  Let them deal with it, I thought.

“Look at him.  Thinks he’s so cool reading our minds and acting all… cool” sneered Jacob as his arm muscles twitched.

“He’s just being polite.  I’m sure even he forgets about the skin sparkling thing” I reasoned.

“Yeah, look at him all smug….”.  Jacob wasn’t listening.  This was a bad turn.

I thought of directing Jacob to another part of the yard, but I figured that was just prolonging the inevitable.  So I saw an opportunity to amend things between the two, and spend some time getting to know each other and realize that they’re both human.  Well, you know what I mean.

“Come on.  You guys need to get oer this shit.  Just come over with me and chill”, I offered.

Jacob knew the tension between him and Edward was off-putting to us, his friends.  So he grudgingly followed me over to Edward, heavy breathing and all.

“Thanks for covering up your blinding radiance”, Jacob said to Edward.  A compliment and a jab.  God, Jacob.

“Sorry about that.  Sometimes I forget that we get sun here in the pacific northwest”, Edward responded.  Gentlemanly, as always.    Sometimes I wondered if Edward didn’t spend all night taking out his frustration towards Jacob on a mountain side.  He has to do something during those sleepless nights.

“See any food here that doesn’t suite your fancy?” Jacob asked Edward with a mixture of disgust and jeer.

“I already hunted today; didn’t want to come tempted”, said Edward.

“You and your blood-sucking buddies don’t ever happen to hunt wolves, do ya?” asked Jacob, as he puffed up his chest slightly.

“No.  We prefer bears and mountain lions – you know, things that can put up a fight?”, responded Edward with the slightest hint of a grin.

Sensing the oncoming retaliation (verbal or physical), I stepped between the two, facing Jacob with my hands between the two.  But Jacob was gone; only Edward’s back was facing me.  As I registered this oddity, I felt a swoosh go past one side of me.  Edward had read Jacob’s mind and saw Jacob’s attack, so he beat him to it and punched him clear across the 50-foot yard.  Luckily, no one had been in the way.

I let out a big sigh, grabbed my Shirley Temple, and walked heavily back inside my house to fetch a pen and piece of paper.  This wasn’t the first time this happened at my house (can you imagine the state of the rest of the town?); whenever Jacob & Edward got into a brawl, nothing could stop them.  You just had to let them go at it, and give them a list of things they broke, so that the Cullens could replace it all.

“Oh well”, I thought, “I’ve been wanting to get a new deck anyways”.  Maybe I should invite these two over more often when I need furniture replaced.