While watching movie trailers yesterday, I found one in particular (“The Perks of Being a Wallflower”) that made me realize I could finally put into words a longstanding desire of mine:

To be captured forever in a moment of ecstasy, exhilaration, passion, beauty, liberation, rage, or any type of power.  

This deep desire is probably behind my reason for wanting to be a model.  You can look at a photo and be affected by it so much in an incredibly short amount of time.  From just one second’s glance.  That’s powerful.  I love films and music videos for being able to portray a powerful human emotion in a beautiful way as well, but photography seems to be the fastest way of invoking a feeling in the viewer.

This might sounds like a childish wish, but I want to live forever.  But, I know that’s currently not possible .  So the next best thing is to create something or be a part of something that does last forever.  Art always come to my mind – photography, film, music.

I want people to remember me.  My face.  My body.  My legacy.  A legacy of what?  I’m not really sure yet; a positive legacy, for sure.  I don’t want to be considered vane, but I just want to be remembered.  A stark photograph, a powerful music video (with hopefully equally impressive music), a cult film…. I want to be immortalized in a breathtakingly beautiful form.