Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Do full body workout before & after meals
  2. Continually be on the lookout for a 20-lbs kettlebell
  3. Eat 4-5 meals per day
  4. Do myotatic crunch & cat vomit exercise 2X/week
  5. Add kettlebell routine before breakfast, 3X/week
  6. Do one of two love handles workouts from Kozak Sports Perform 2-3 days after core workout
  7. Do pullups every other day

I have given up on doing a full body workout before & after meals, because doing pullups MWF is draining enough.  Plus, I believe results will come from doing more strength training in general, as opposed to doing it just before meals.  But, perhaps I just need to master strength training my muscle groups first, and then I can experiment with doing a full body workout before meals.

Been very good about eating every 3-4 hours.  What’s more, I’ve been doing great about ensuring I eat a dark green veggie (mostly spinach), protein, and a complex carb at each meal.  I’m really starting to believe that diet is a huge factor in getting results.  If it weren’t for the state, I would not be able to afford such nutritious food on a regular basis, so thank you, Washington state!

Been doing myotatic crunches & cat vomit exercises 2X/week.  After reading more and more fitness articles claiming that you can actually work the abs more frequently than other muscle groups, I’m brainstorming of an ab workout routine.  I’m thinking of doing what this really great fitness instructor, Davey Wavey, does – work on the upper abs one day, lower abs one day, and the entire core another day.

I discontinued doing a kettlebell routine because I think it was giving me lower back pain.  I think this is due to me using a dumbbell to do the prescribed kettlebell swing; perhaps the grip is too high on a dumbbell.  I have been doing more deadlifts as a sort of replacement, since those are great compound exercises.

I have been brainstorming about the best strength training routine, and I think I’m going to copy Davey Wavey’s personal routine, where he does chest/forearms one day, biceps one day, shoulders/back one day, then legs/triceps one day, with ab exercises peppered here and there.

Next week:

Stick with following workout routine and monitor results:

M: 12 min tabata + chest/back strength training, myotatic crunches & cat vomit, pullups

T: 20 min tabata

W: 12 min tabata + biceps/triceps strength training, pullups

R: 20 min tabata

F: 12 min tabata + legs strength training, myotatic crunches & cat comit, pullups

Sat: 20 min tabata