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Sums up what I’ve been trying to tell people about positive thinking and self-fulfilling prophecies. Thanks a lot, into mind, for posting this.

into mind

I often get the feeling that many people still underestimate the value of positive thinking and optimism. Some even think it’s similar to brainwashing: even if you managed to convince yourself that everything is and will be great, it wouldn’t get you anywhere, it’s all just pretend. How sad… Fortunately, psychologists have gathered lots and lots of data to show that a positive mindset makes a huge difference and leads to measurably more achievements and other good stuff. Here’s why:

Two common criticisms of optimism:

“Being optimistic is not going to change anything, you can’t just pretend everything will work out, you’d be lying to yourself.”

“I’d rather expect things to go badly to save myself from disappointment.”

Neither of the above sentiments are helpful. Psychological research has shown time and time again…

  1. Positive thinking does lead to more success/ good outcomes 
  2. Negative thinking makes good outcomes less likely


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Been improving my positive thoughts & feelings, and I’m feeling better & better.  There are definitely “road bumps” where, in the midst of realizing my focus on the lack of something or the negative aspect of something, I realize deeper, more subconscious thoughts, like unworthiness or feeling small.  So it has definitely been two weeks of mental & spiritual growth; now I want to see financial growth.  Hehe.

Just remembered I need to research Steven K. Scott.  Just did that quickly and discovered he also has religious books, which makes me a bit hesitant about him, but I want to glean anything useful from anybody or anything.  So I booked a few of his books & books on CD from the library.

Still need to listen to Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell.  Should be interesting.

I have one more disc of Money and the Law of Attraction to listen to, and I’m a bit sad it’s over, but I know their teachings are summed up concisely in those 8 discs.  I’m excited that I’m applying the Law of Attraction to my life, and I’m looking forward to listening to Outliers and other resources to help me achieve wealth, but I feel like Hicks/Abraham’s teachings are already the most effective I will come across.  But more knowledge is always useful, so I will continue researching other wealth-building resources.

Have listened to 3 out of 7 discs of The Millionaire Next Door, and so far I haven’t found them as useful as other resources.  So far, their main teaching can be summed up in 2 areas:

  1. Frugality & thriftiness
  2. Balance of good defense (in terms of investing smartly) & good offense (high & multiple streams of income)

I already am frugal by nature, and I’ve already learned that it’s important to have a good “defense” when it comes to money.  The book reads more like a report, than a guide to becoming wealthy.  The authors keep giving very similar example stories of seemingly unexpected millionaires – Joe Schmo who lives in a modest house, drives a modest car, doesn’t spend lavishly, etc. but who has a large net worth- and it gets repetitive quickly.

I’m starting to think the key message of Stanley & Danko is that one must live frugally  and make smart investments, in order to be wealthy.  Not that I want to have an overly extravagant lifestyle, but I also don’t want to have to worry about going over a certain money limit.

Will listen to the rest of The Millionaire Next Door, but so far it hasn’t inspired any ideas for generating wealth.

One very good thing is I discovered another inspiring millionaire – Steven K. Scott.  I heard him via the podcast, Wealth Building by Nightingale.  The podcast was only 6 minutes long (as are the majority of their podcasts), but Scott talked enough to pique my interest, so I will research him more and see if he has any podcasts or other available resources to help me become wealthy.

The key word for this week is FRUSTRATION.

I have to constantly remind myself that getting frustrated doesn’t help me get any closer to my goals.  But at times it can be hard not to get frustrated.  Especially when I see my loved ones suffering from unjust financial expenses, namely outrageous medical bills.  The health care system in this country is inefficient and unjust – charging people ludicrous amounts of money, and shackling them to that debt for the rest of their lives, much like college debt.  It needs to change, but that’s another gripe.  This past weekend I saw my boyfriend, mother, & sister directly affected by hospital bills & collection agencies.  One of my first acts when I attain financial abundance, is to pay for my loved ones’ medical bills and ensure they never have to worry about going to and paying for the doctor, or other medical expenses.

In other news, I requested some books & cd’s at the library last week and some came in this week:

  1. The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas Stanley & William Danko (Book on CD & the actual book)
  2. The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom – Suze Orman (book)

Figured I had been listening a lot to Suze, so I decided to listen to one cd of The Millionaire Next Door everyday; there are 7 cd’s total.  I listened to the second cd today, and so far it’s been enlightening, but I feel I can sum up the book in two words: frugality & planning.  I already know how to be frugal, and this week I plan on using a Google Doc excel template for keeping track of my budget… but I guess I’m more interested in firstly GENERATING income.  Then I’m willing to learn about how to budget it.  I know the two come hand-in-hand, but I would feel more excited if I was learning how to generate money along with how to budget it.  But for now I’ll listen to this book and glean as much as I can from Stanley  & Danko.

Been listening to Suze Orman predominantly the last week, which has been inspiring.  Listening to her regular listeners/callers, they really know their shit!  When Suze does the “Can I afford it?” portion of her show and asks her callers, “Show me the money!”, the callers list the following:

  1. liquid savings
  2. monthly income
  3. monthly expenses
  4. debt
  5. investments
  6. retirement money
  7. 8-month emergency fund

I find it a bit difficult sometimes NOT to get depressed, listening to some of these callers who are my age or younger, who not only have their money in order, but have so much of it.  But each time I catch myself feeling down, I remind myself that those feelings are not helping me achieve wealth any faster.  So I ditch those negative vibes and remind myself that not only I will be one of those listeners someday soon, I will be one of the most impressive Suze has ever heard.

I want to vary the millionaires I listen to, so this week I will listen to more of the podcast “Wealth Building by Nightingale”, which has many short, eclectic podcasts, which introduce me to other millionaires and methods of becoming wealthy.

Subscribed to Marc Allen’s podcast, but his limited episodes have been lacking of info, so I will look for other media by or about Marc Allen.  I also want to learn more about Robert G. Allen.

Got a 20% raise at work this weekend after working there 90 days, which is great.  My short-term goal, inspired by Suze Orman, is to save up $8,000 for my 8-month emergency fund, which should take about 4 months.  Ugh.  Need to find ways to speed up that process and other ways of generating more income.

Oh!  I discovered this great web page via StumbleUpon today, which not only talks about small ways to generate money, but about 9 other ways to increase one’s quality of life.  The article is on Top 10 Solutions to Real Life’s Most Annoying Problems.  The specific solution (#6) links to several other web pages regarding saving and generating money, but this link really gave me ideas to generating more wealth: Make Money in Your Spare Time Doing Simple Online Tasks.

Basically it talks about signing up and participating in online focus groups/research studies & blogging, and it also introduced me to two new ideas:

  • visiting a website and providing live, honest feedback about it
  • providing answers via chat, phone, & how-tos

Two things I will definitely look into.

Well that’s it for me.  I believe this is the lengthiest article I’ve written on my blog.  I’ll be back next week to update ya’ll on my progress on my road to wealth!

It’s been one week since I downloaded and subscribed to a bunch of wealth, investment & finance podcasts.  I have been so inspired and fired up by so many of them.  Some not so much, but that’s part of the filtering process.  There were some podcasts where it was simply a narrator reading quotations from deceased millionaires, like Russell Conwell, Ben Franklin & P.T. Barnum.  But I listened to all if not most of those old English podcasts, so I could glean anything from them, and I usually did.

The following people I found to be especially inspiring:

  • Suze Orman
  • Marc Allen
  • Thomas Stanley & William Danko
  • Jim Cramer
  • Robert G. Allen

I can’t wait to look up more readings and material produced by these people and others that I will discover.

Some important things I’ve learned from the above people are the following:

  • Have clear, specific goals and effective affirmations to go with them
  • You don’t have to be an energetic, type-A business person in order to attain wealth; you can attain wealth in a “healthy & positive manner, and in an easy & relaxed way” (Marc Allen)
  • Trust your voice about money; you have the strongest connection to it than anyone because you have earned it
  • Put your dreams & goals in little pink bubbles (Marc Allen) and visualize their manifestation; they have a way of manifesting in the future, even after you’ve given up on them sometimes
  • Don’t settle for less, only settle for more (Suze Orman)
  • The impacts of macro- & micro-economics

I will keep ya’ll updated as I learn even more and discover new wealthy digital mentors.

I’ve known for a while that if you hang around certain people, you will eventually pick up their traits and views.  What I need is an incredible mentor in wealth, and to be around wealthy people.  I need to soak up, absorb their essence regarding money.  I figure if I can’t constantly be around wealthy people, a good temporary solution is to start off by at least listening to wealthy people.

So the other night I downloaded and subscribed to a bunch of podcasts about wealth – finances, investing, real estate, etc.  I will listen to at least one podcast episode each day.  Today was my second day listening to wealth podcasts, and so far the episodes have been real eye-openers.  At the very least, listening to them inspires me and reminds me everyday that there are people out there living my dream/goal, and that if they can do it, so can I.

Was talking with my mom the other day, who is an awesome sound board.  I was expressing my frustrations due to lack of progress towards my goal of wealth, and she pointed out that my active income is two times the amount it was last year.  That made me realize that I don’t stop to recognize certain advancements I make towards my goals, and that I need to give credit where credit is due – myself.  Go me!

I’m a sponge.  I’m going to soak up everything I can from these podcasts and will continue to soak up information from wealthy people
probably for the rest of my life.  I’m also on the look out for my incredible mentor.


One of life’s biggest frustrations has got to be not seeing progress with what you want.  Getting what you want can be fun & thrilling as long as you progress, I’ve realized.

We’ve all experienced it.  I have been frustrated to the max lately, not, I realized, because I haven’t been getting what I want, but because I haven’t been seeing any progress towards those desires.  One great example from my own life is when I was trying to loose weight – I tried starving myself, bicycling everyday for 30 min, and various other exercises, but I kept reverting back to my overweight body, even more frustrated than I was when I started my attempt.  It was only through trial and error that I came to discover what worked best for me.  And that was doing jumping jacks for 15 minutes to music.  It started off as that, and that I moved on to 20 minutes, then 25, then finally 30.  I was enjoying what I was doing, which I think is key to loosing weight.  From that exercise, and cutting back on what I ate (specifically carbs), I was able to FINALLY see results.  I was so stoked.  I still am stoked that I found an effective way of loosing weight and keeping it off.

What’s depressing me this time is my current goal – financial abundance.  I feel that, with weight loss, there are tons of resources (albeit, many shitty and misleading) on the subject, but not so much with wealth.  Like with most things in life, you have to sift through information to distinguish the shitty teachings from the effective ones.  I just feel that with wealth, there are so many more shitty teachings.  I mean, if wealth were that easy to obtain, why haven’t more people obtained it already?  Course, I could use the same logic with weight loss.  But with weight loss, I figure people already know the basics of how to loose weight (low-calorie diet
& exercise), but will power is the only obstacle.  With money, that’s not the case.

I guess I need to sift through even MORE teachings/advice on wealth than I thought…




For too long I have kept my goals to myself, specifically my goal of being financially abundant.  I did this because I was afraid of judgment and also that if I stated it in a public forum, that it would have a lesser chance of manifesting (not sure why I thought this).  But no more.  I figure one of the best methods of obtaining your desires is by putting it out there and letting as many people know about it possible, so that those who wish to help you can do so.

This is what I want and deserve to receive/obtain:

1. Financial abundance (for right now, $5,000 per month) 

2. Toned, healthy body – specifically a six-pack and V-shaped obliques, and slightly bigger biceps

3. Incredible mentor to help me grow (specifically, financial-wise)

4. Ability to lucid dream

5. Full, thick head of hair (I have a thin spot on the top of my head)

I’ve been listening to Esther & Jerry Hicks’ “Getting Into the Vortex” meditation CD, been doing daily affirmations (morning & night), so I’m hoping that helps.

I don’t know HOW these things are going to come to me; all I know is that they will come to me, or I will obtain them, at some point in the near future (by December 2012).

Short story – “Mermaids”

My knees touch the sandy shore as I slowly crumple into a kneeling position.  The moonlight sparkles off random grains of fine sand, while leaving whips of silver thread on the ebbing water.  My palms shiver slightly as they press meekly to my face, acting as pathetic dams as they try to stop the constant flow of my tears.  I can feel the warmth of my red face, as well as feel the sticky residue of the salty bodily fluid.  The lone sound of the tide provides me some solace, reminding me that not just one waterworks is going on tonight.


I spread my knees slightly wider in the fine sand, my head turning upward to look at the moon.  As my fingers crack open to view the full moon, my tears blur its light, giving it a kaleidiscope appearance.  My hands drop slowly to the now onrushing water at my knees.  The tears perspirated on my hand mix with the tide, mixing and blending into this other, much grander pool of salty liquid.  For a moment, I wonder if there is someone else on the opposite side of this ocean, sharing their own tears, adding their own soul to this ocean of now black liquid.  Is this why the oceans are so salty?  People crying their hearts into them?


Like a pious Muslim, I bend my face down to the sliver of ocean water now brushing against the sandy floor.  My eyes open in the water, rinsed by them.  My quiet sobbing halts for a second as I collapse completely into the thin film of teary water.  Laying still, and letting the water seep under my chest and legs, I can feel the sadness welling up inside me.  I should get up, so I can breathe, or else I’m going to get a mouthful of sand and water.  But I let the growing ball of pain and sadness pulsate until it makes my body shiver and reverberate.  With my eyes shut tight so as not to let any sand in, my face shivers as I try desperately to hold back the tears, the inhale of grief.  Going against my natural impulses, I inhale while my head is submerged.  I feel the saltwater rush into my lungs, and the swirling sands seem to stay at bay from my mouth and nostrils.


I anticipate a burning sensation in my throat, but strangely I feel as if the water were some form of silky oxygen; the water invigorates, refreshes me.  More tears expel from my eyes as I exhale the water, my throat vibrating heavily as a troubled groan escapes it.  I dig my hands and knees into the sinking sand and head directly into the deeper water.  Another gulp of water.  More of my tears and anguish intermingle with the surrounding watery atmosphere.


My head tells me I need oxygen, but the turmoil in my stomach and chest don’t care what kind of oxygen they receive, as long as they can continue purging.  The saltwater filling my mouth tastes like the very tears I tasted running down my cheeks when it was exposed to air.  I want to be totally engulfed in these tears.  I head deeper and deeper into the calm waves, taking deeper breathes of my new oxygen.  My crying now hinges on the border of hysteria, and my eyes remain shut, as if I don’t want to face this bizarre turn of events.


A scream of sadness bursts forth from my chest, and I hear it muffled in the water.  I look up and finally open my eyes to see the liquid moonlight dancing on the water’s edge about 5 feet above me.  Pushing off against the sandy floor, I jet upwards with a weird source of propulsion.  The back of my head breaks the water’s edge as I snap my body back, exposing my chest to the heavens.  Miraculously, I get my entire body out of the water.  I do this screaming, the last mouthful of saltwater blending with the air to produce a gurgling bellow.  A strange sound I’ve never heard before.  This angry, extraordinary moment seems to suspend in time, and I have enough time to open my eyes and see the moon.  My body is suspended above the water; why haven’t I fallen by now?  For the first time, I forget the pain and grief inhabiting my body and mind, and I look around me hesitantly.  The waves continue making their rhythmic beat against the shore and lapping against each other.  I look down to see my big toe just above the surface of the calm water.  As my head slowly rises, I see as many as 7 people submerged waist-deep in the water ahead of me.  My eyes widen in confusion; these people are marble white, shirtless, some males, some females.  Their bodies look they were sculpted out of some white marble, and their eyes- they are as light and diluted like some translucent jelly.


They stare blankly at me, showing no signs of any emotion.  They form a loose triangle, and the one closest to me, a women, speaks to me.  But her mouth doesn’t open.  I can hear her in my mind; my tears are still curiously flowing form my eyes as I hear, no, feel her words in my head-


“You are at a crossroads right now.”, her voice ebbs in my mind, as if the wind blowing against wind chimes.  “You feel great sorrow right now, and you are connecting to a different plain of emotion, of being, of existence.”


I stare at her, bewildered, but still grasping her words.  My body continues to levitate about the now impossibly calm ocean surface.


“You can either go back to your world, your life, and face or deal with whatever has caused you such pain…”, she continued, “…or, you can join us and enter a different world.  There are more of us, and we have all been through the same level of sorrow and beyond that which you are suffering right now.  We live highly discreet lives, away from the world which caused us such grief.”


My mouth instinctively open to ask the women something, “What will happen?”  I don’t even ask who they are first; I feel a strange connection and understanding with them…


“You will become one of us- the Above World likes to call us many things, but you would perhaps recognize us as mer-people.”


A tiny gasp escaped my throat, my right hang coming up half-way to half-heartedly hide my astonishment.


“We live a tranquil, long existence, the other creatures of the sea providing a different brand of company.  The dolphins and the whales are the closest things to human affection and human spirit that you will encounter.  Know that once you enter this world, there is no turning back; you will be one of us for eternity.”


I stayed hanging there, hanging before one of the most bizarre choices of my life.  My head turned back to gaze at the terrestrial lights of the small town beyond the beach.  Images of people, things and events flash through my mind, an endless stream of them.  Like large, crude road bumps and pot holes, sensations and memories of pain flash through my mind and body along with the other memories and thoughts.  If this is my life flashing before my eyes, it has no doubt been a grief-stricken one.  What do I have back there?  Who or what do I have to hold onto?  This present question forces my head around to look upon these mysterious, silent people again.  I look up at the moon, and inhale my first breath of air since I laid my face in the waves on the shore.  Inhaling deeply and slowly, I hold it in my lungs for what feels like a minute.  I close my eyes, and admit my answer the same time I exhale.


“ Very well”, the woman said serenely.


My body, totally dry now from being suspended for so long, dropped slowly into the water.  As I looked down at my feet, I could see and feel a small tingling sensation starting in my toes.  This odd sensation warped and spread until it felt like someone was injecting honey into my legs.  My hands came up quickly to rub my eyes; was I seeing things?  The fronts of my legs turned as pale as the moonlight as they bonded together, the back of my legs turning a dark blue.  I let out a moan as the rest of my skin started crawling, or falling asleep- I couldn’t tell.  This metamorphosis continued until I was fully submerged in the now lukewarm water.  The strange bodily sensations stopped, and I touched my thigh with my hand.  Scales.  Glistening scales.  My hand moved up to my stomach, to find my skin more rubbery, like that of a dolphin.


I swam away with these mer-people, and stopped to look back at the world I was leaving behind.  My mouth opened slightly and I could taste the ocean mist on my tongue.  No, it wasn’t the ocean; two more tears had escaped both my eyes.  I turned solemnly around, and propelled myself farther and farther away, giving myself to this new life.