Last week I said I would do the following:

  • Replace eggs with egg whites
  • Add more ab/core exercises & cardio to routine, in order to burn fat and have abs show:

M: 14 min tabata + chest/back strength training, 3 sets of 10 myotatic crunches, 3 sets of 10 cat vomit, 3 sets of 10 pullups

T: 20 min tabata + Ab ripper + 3 sets of 10 deadlifts

W: 14 min tabata + biceps/triceps strength training, 3 sets of 10 pullups

R: 20 min tabata + 3 sets of 10 deadlifts

F: 14 min tabata + legs strength training, 3 sets of 10 myotatic crunches, 3 sets of 10 cat vomit, 3 sets of 10 pullups

Sat: 20 min tabata + Ab ripper


Been doing great about my diet for the majority of the week – it consists mostly of legumes or brown rice, protein, and veggies.  I’m still enjoying my modified routine, so that’s awesome.  I feel good about working out a different muscle group every other day.

StumbledUpon this great fitness article on Men’s Health – “The Ultimate 28-Day Six-Pack Programme”.  Looks pretty much like what my research has been telling me – (quoting from the article) “You’ll raise your body’s metabolism through compound exercises, optimise fat-burning with a variety of cardio workouts, create the perfect ‘V-shape’ through back and shoulder specific routines.”  Like any new routine, I’m hesitant to completely substitute my current routine for a new one, as I’m afraid I might gain fat from any sort of drastic change like that.

This routine, for example, has you doing weight training (targeting different msuycle groups) one day, then cardio the next, then another strength training day, then a rest day, and so on.  I’m hesitatnt to leave out cardio everyday, because I want to burn as much fat as possible, and I know you can almost never overdo cardio (as opposed to weight training, where you need to rest your muscles).

I’ve also been giving major thought to doing wushu or some sort of martial art, since it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I think it would be a great way to sculpt my body and have fun in the process.  So that’ll be part of my tasks this week – look into local martial arts studios that offer wushu/kung fu.  I want to do wushu/kung fu specificaly, because it’s a very acrobatic martial art, and I want to improve my flexibility and be able to do flips.

Next week:
  1. Look into integrating (as opposed to substituting)  “The Ultimate 28-Day Six-Pack Programme” into routine
  2. Research local wushu/kung fu schools