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Body Sculpting – Week 54

Last week I said I would do the following:

  • Experiment with preparing two lunch meals night before
  • Include kung fu drills into exercise routine

Bah, I know I missed another week.  Sorry, guys.  But I’ve just been so busy after getting a job AT AMAZON!  Woo-hoo!  I can’t tell you how exited/relieved I am.  Just finishing up my first week, and my coworkers are great and I really enjoy the job itself.

On a related note, being at work has forced me to pack my two lunch meals, which has been great.  I’ve been experimenting with including my kung fu drills into my daily routine, but it’s been difficult, since I have limited time now in the mornings before I have to go to work.  For now, I’m doing the drills (there are four of them) on Mon, Wed, Fri.

I’ve decided to do P90X, due largely in part to a strongman friend who put my fears about the program to rest.  You see, I have been afraid that if I do this intense 90-day program, my metabolism would plummet afterwards.  But my friend assured me that no, after I’ve completed the program, I’ll have more muscle and a higher metabolism, and therefore my body will be more efficient at processing food and developing muscle even after I’m done with the program.

I figure I’ll start P90X once I get my first paycheck from Amazon, because the program includes a diet, which I’ll have to most likely buy.

Next week:

  1. Look at P90X diet and plan what foods I will need to buy & eat for the next 90 days
  2. Find way to do kung fu drills every day

Body Sculpting – Week 52

Last week I said I would do the following:

  • Iron out current routine with pullups & core exercises
  • Eat less for lunch meals

Sorry I missed last week, guys.  I’ve been busy going to interviews, yard work, side work for a local realtor, and dealing with my poor quality of sleep.  All excuses, I know, but at least I’m being proactive, hehe.

I’ve ironed out my exercise routine to include pullups (MWF) and core exercises (I’m doing the P90X Ab Ripper on Tues & Sat.  So, my current exercise routine looks like this:

M: 16 min tabata + 20 min chest & back

T: 20 min tabata + Ab ripper

W: 16 min tabata + 20 min legs

R: 20 min tabata + core work on exercise ball (I’m actually experimenting on this day)

F: 16 min tabata + biceps & triceps (I’m thinking to work on biceps & triceps one other day as well)

Sat: 20 min tabata + Ab ripper

Sun: Rest

I have been eating less for lunch meals, but I haven’t been doing good about eating two small lunch meals, due to my sporadic schedule.  I thought about preparing next day’s lunch meals during dinner the night before, so we’ll see how that goes.

I also started taking kung fu lessons!  Woo-hoo!  Something I’ve always wanted to do, but held back because I didn’t have enough money.  But, I finally reached a point where I decided, “F*** it.  I’ll look into it at least”.  Turns out this local kung fu studio is going to work with me on payments, which is amazing.  My instructor gave me some drills to do everyday, as well as a fighting combo.  I’m toying around with fitting it into my current routine.  My current goal is to be able to do a flip.

Next week:

  • Experiment with preparing two lunch meals night before
  • Include kung fu drills into exercise routine