Two weeks ago I said I would do the following:

  1. Diversify my writing portfolio by doing a Weekly Writing prompt at least one day a week
  2. Find and reach out to at least ONE website centered on film/movies, and offer my awesome writing services

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t written a blog post in two weeks.  And on the 1st year anniversary of this blog page, too.

While I have not been diversifying my writing portfolio, my awesome Amazon coworkers, whom are all writers, decided to do a weekly writing prompt.  How f***ing amazing is that???  I have never had such a fun group of coworkers, who share so many interests as me (in other words, we’re all geeks).  So I’ll be able to diversify my writing portfolio every week now, and get great feedback as well.  Plus, my writing skill will get stronger from reading other people’s writing.  I’m excited.  This week is our first week of doing the writing prompt, and our prompt is to incorporate a figure from mythology.  I got Baldur – a Norse god.

I think I’m going to put my second task on the back burner for now, since I’m already plenty busy with work and with this new weekly writing prompt.

Seeing as how this is the one-year anniversary of my (recorded) quest to achieve wealth, I think a little reflection is in order.  Well, after checking my first blog post for the “Road to Financial Abundance” page, I have discovered that I actually made my first post on May 26, 2011.  So it’s more like 1.5 years since my first post. Regardless, I feel it’s good to take stock of what I’ve learned and my progress.  Unfortunately, I don’t feel I’ve come very far.  I still have about the same amount of money in my checking account, I don’t have a reliable stream of income (I don’t count contract work reliable), and I still only have one stream of income.  Pretty fucking depressing.  Not sure how else to look at it.  I know I’ve learned some things, but the main goal was to be financially abundant (making $5,000 per month), or at least be better off financially than I was at the start of this.

What does it mean?  I feel like shaking my fists at the sky, or banging them against the ground in frustration.  Why do some people seem to be blessed financially, while others like me have to struggle so much to achieve wealth?  It doesn’t seem fair.  Maybe I’m just destined to always be part of the working class.  I don’t see a way into wealth, unless some miracle occurs.  And, I’m tired of hoping, wishing, waiting for one; I’m sure it’s healthier to be optimistic, but all this left me exhausted.

I just want money.  Why can’t I achieve it?  What’s in my way?  What am I not doing?  Well, I think the following reasons are the answer:

  • I don’t have a wealthy family
  • My parents don’t know how to make lots of money
  • I don’t have any wealthy relatives nearby to help me become wealthy
  • I don’t have any mentors in finance

I don’t

I don’t

I don’t want to focus on the negative, but I also don’t want to ignore very realistic reasons for why I’m not advancing towards my financial goal.

So the above are all possible reasons.  They could all be “glass half empty/full” views.  I think the above factors definitely haven’t helped my quest to find wealth.  I just am finding it harder to find possibilities and miracles.  Tapping usually helps me when I’m down, but I’m so fucking sick of temporary remedies; I want hard evidence of windows of possibility, of actual progress.

Next week:

  1. Complete Weekly Writing Prompt for coworkers
  2. Tap to feel better about my finances